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Harvest and collect! Do it gently. Nothing good comes with pushing things into the limits!
— Chalepianka's thoughts

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Tsikoudia Time!

Cretan hospitality drink, natural medicine for sorethroat,cold and digestion problems. 

You can consider yourself lucky watching its production process and tasting it straight from the cauldron....

Cretan herbs for your tea

Are you a big fan of herbal mixtures?

Are you a Tea person?

You should definitely try those two aromas together!




Oranges & Avocado!

During Fall, you must fall in love with Cretan villages! 

Olive trees heavy with olives, oranges promising sweet tastes this winter. 

Have you ever seen an avocado treee?

Visit Vatolakkos and drop for a glass of excellent wine to Manousakis Winery!




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Weddings and Ceremonies Organizers


Find your job in Crete!

Find your job in Crete!