Feeling under the weather upon the evenings filled with chilly wind and humidity coming slowly from the White Mountains? 

While wandering in Chania, do you see those fluffy long twigs packed in foil and you ask yourself: what is it for? 

Wait till you discover the taste of malotira. 

Cretans are not into the tea culture but their winter they love spending with a flavor of freshly boiled mountain tea, with a spoon of honey. 

It is even better if you boil it together with some dry thyme, cinammon and an orange peel. 

Love those cozy moments on my couch, under the thick blanket with my malotira warming up my hands. 

Cheers and to the good October! Καλό Μήνα)! 

Gouri and sweets...bye bye the old year

Going downtown for the last time this year. We light up the candle in the catholic church. Then sweet shop stop to buy some famous Chania loukoumades - tiny donuts with sweet syroup.

We already have some gouri - pendants and decorations with a new date 2014.

It is only to throw a pomegranate for luck and stone to break into the new year!

HAPPY NEW 2014 in Greek style!

World of Saints


Today is a special day in Greece! Saint Mary celebrates! (15th of August!) Never forget this date when in Greece!

More than that it is worth mentioning that 2013 it is a year of belief and that is something I did not know till a recent visit to Catholic Church (Chania, Halidon Str.).

It is a hard year for many as I hear but let's not forget that things happen for a reason.

If you have your saints next to you, it may be easier to overcome your difficulties. Sounds ridiculous? Just give a try..they do not bite (sic!)

I have a friend and once she wrote: "Remember, I did not believe, but now I do!". It was a strong statement to read.  

Talking about me, there has been some miracles around my life as well. Who knows, may be this special icon Kiki made for me played a significant role?  

Kiki is now displaying her work at Yiali Tzami Mosque. Her work  is strong and gentle at the same time.

If you think about a unique suvenir from Greece that will last ...a little bit longer than a bottle of wine or olive oil (even the extra virgin one!) find yourself an icon, you will like to look at and talk to when needed!  

...or make a present for your beloved that are not afraid of the world of saint! 

Olive goes with tan


There is nothing that works so good for woman's ego and bolsters her self-confidence like ...other woman's compliment! I mean the honest one, but we just know...that is what mother nature equipped us with, instinct!

So the other night I heard how lovely my dress was and I thought that this is another reason to share this recommendation with you.

Another long dress, casual but it may go with an evening meeting as well. Perfect for a tanned complexion but it will not hurt the pale human being. The color is too universal to make any damages.  

I love this dress!  

And the secret is, there is this point in each woman life when she is too tired, frustrated and busy to give too many thoughts for another search of a new dress!

So yes, I did buy the same one in a white color.

The whole dress is light, with two thin layers of a very soft material.  

For more infos just check again Greek company Raxevsky.

For photos when you look summer Good, just contact Andreas.  


Summer dress


When summer is in a full swing, it's good to work on your mood!

This is a great time to experiment with intense colors, vivid patterns since finally your complexion gets some healthy look!  

I absolutely love long dresses and I believe all of us should have one in the closet! Just be carefull about the cut  - you do not want to look pregnant if you are not, right?  

Greece has amazing summer clothes and it is worth buying some pieces while you are here.  

There is also this unique moment during Greek summer, when you feel reborn, fresh and ready for some new adventures. Have a look at Anna who felt excatly this way and last summer she decided to capture her time with Andreas.

About dress of mine, if you like this style, visit Raxevsky





It is the middle of July and all rocky hills and dry Cretan mountains host thyme bushes.  

They pop out from behind red stones or yellow sticks that used to be plants at the beginning of Cretan spring.  

Thyme loves its hot, boiling hot. That is why you can see lots of its packs high and south.  

It looks innocent with its off-purple tiny flowers that are sometimes the only input of color to earth blooms.

Just rub gently its microscopic leaves, avoid any scratching and your hand will get covered with natural aroma.  

Crete is famous for its thyme (Greek thimari/θυμάρι) and its honey with thyme (Greek meli/μέλι).

It is always a good, of local origin, buy!