It is Tsikoudia Time!


When the grapes were pressed and the wines were made, it is a time for raki! Cretans call is Tsikoudia!

Its production usually takes place through the October till the early days of November. 

The better quality of grapes, the more scents of sweet fruits in the tsikoudia. 

Those mushy grapes get boiled in the brass cauldron (καζάνι) and their steam meeting cold water in the pipes becomes slowly an alcoholic beverage. 

Thanks to my friend Alexandra Manousakis - the owner of Manousakis Winery , I had a chance to try the best organic drops of tsikoudia straight from the pipe! 

At the back of their winery yard, they have a magic corner producing the elixir of Cretan hospitality. 

Thank God the production for this year is over! I could easily get addicted to this rustic, smelling burnt wood and ripe grapes atmosphere! 



2013-08-04 19.00.21.jpg
2013-08-04 19.00.00.jpg

Dry soil of a russet color. Clods spread here and there. Here they are, those fair yellow balls of the middle Cretan summer. Peponi (πεπόνι) is a Greek name for melon. 

They lay lazily exposed to sun. Sometimes, curiosily, they may climb some fence.

The best, let me repeat again,they are from Akrotiri area....if we talk about Chania neighbourhood.  

If by any chance you happen to make a tour around Akrotiri, do not miss the photo session with Cretan melons.

Juicy, sweet, no comparison to any of those you know from supermarket shelf.  

First figs of July


What a surprise! This morning, wandering under olive trees and thick branches of a very tall fig tree, I spot those purple balls. The ones that ripened decorate sunkissed leaves of our tree.

What a satisfaction and fun to crawl under umbrella of twisted branches sticking into the sky or heavily touching dry ground.  

A fresh fig is a perfect snack for your Cretan breakfast! 


Lemonade like Mojito


What a taste! Freshness, bitter the way to quench your thirst!  

Lemons are everywhere so why not to use them. They just love this island that makes them big, yellow and very, very juicy. And they are cheap too!

We prepared a bottle of syrup and it's been a third day since we mix it with regular or sparkling water, some ice cubes and for extra flavor we garnish a glass with some spearmint leaves (they are a must if you want some mojito impression).  

If you crave for some more relaxing feeling, you may certainly add some booze, but be aware how tricky those "lemonades" can be.

 A regular lemonade recipe says:

1. A glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice ( a few lemons, make it a big glass)

2. The same glass (equal with lemon juice) full of sugar

3. Mix it together in a pot and warm it up only for the sugar to melt (do not boil) 

4. Let it cool and add some spearmint

5. Pour your syrup into the glass bottle and keep in a fridge

Stin igeia mas! (στην υγεία μας). So to our health!